Why we are involved…

“Barrie is a thriving community situated on a beautiful lake with the potential to be an environmental steward.  I look forward to working with our community to help make that happen.”

-Meghan Rafferty, Chair

“My involvement is driven by the commitment to be a part of initiating the change I want to see for our community’s future.  Being a contributing member of the EAB-Living Green team, I am using my education and experience to help promote less waste, cleaner water and air quality, and a sustainable community.”

-Jackie Ramler, Vice Chair

“I believe we each have a right to clean air and water, healthy food and a safe environment, which means I also believe we each share a duty to protect and preserve our environment and live as lightly on the Earth as possible.  EAB-Living Green helps us do that individually and as a community.”

-Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, Treasurer

“Energy – Don’t Waste It!”

-Peter Bursztyn, Secretary

“If we don’t have respect for our environment and we don’t have respect for each other, then we don’t have respect for ourselves.  It starts within self.  Activate your activizm.”

-Shane L.S. Dennis, Director

“Take action being the change you want to see.  In a year from now you will wish you started today.”

-Kyle Kingston, Director

“Inspire youth to Live Green!”

-Jon Grootveld, Director

“I am involved with EAB-Living Green because I want to help show that anyone can be involved in their community and make a difference, whether big or small. “

-Laura Downing, Director

Interested in joining the Board? 

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